Running in Hot Weather

We're in the heat of the summer [literally]. Running in the heat can be difficult in so many ways, not to mention uncomfortable and unpleasant. Luckily I am usually a morning runner, but on these 90+ degree days with humidity, even a 6am run can be brutal. According to Strength Running, heat can wreak havoc … Continue reading Running in Hot Weather


Morning Run Views

Week 6, Day 1 of Marine Corps Training: 7 recovery miles, with lots of elevation. Went along a new route, exploring new areas of the city. Lots of elevation, but that made the slower pace more interesting. I like to take photos of fun things to remember each day and keep me present. Strength-training minion!! … Continue reading Morning Run Views

Quote of the Day

“It is a beautiful thing to discover that your body is capable of doing things that you once thought were impossible.” – Sammi Goldsmith, who started getting healthy after her father had a heart attack

Amerithon Challenge!!

I recently listened to a podcast featuring the founders of Run the Edge, a Boulder-based running company with the goal of helping people improve their fitness and well-being. They are leaders in virtual fitness challenges, which gather folks from wherever they are, encouraging them to finish a specific challenge in whichever way they can. Enter: … Continue reading Amerithon Challenge!!