Amerithon Challenge!!

I recently listened to a podcast featuring the founders of Run the Edge, a Boulder-based running company with the goal of helping people improve their fitness and well-being. They are leaders in virtual fitness challenges, which gather folks from wherever they are, encouraging them to finish a specific challenge in whichever way they can.

Enter: Amerithon Challenge! The challenge involves (virtually) running/walking/hiking/biking/swimming/etc – all by using your fitness tracker – all the way from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. How far is that, exactly, you might ask? The total is 3,521 miles!! That is 134 marathons!

I’ve recently written that I am participating in my first marathon later this year. This is a much different challenge, one that will encourage me to focus on my fitness far beyond one event or one goal in mind. It will allow me to think about the bigger picture of it all – and, get outside of my running habit to get other types of miles!!

Plus, it will be pretty neat to say I ran/biked/swam across the country… even though it will be over many days, weeks, months (but hopefully not years!)

Anybody else participating?


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