Meet Harvey!!

This weekend we got a puppy!! Harvey is an adorable, playful, sweet, loving 13-week-old male Doberman/Hound mix. He has huge paws, and is expected to weigh about 50 pounds as an adult.



We adopted him at an event put on by Last Chance Animal Rescue –  one of the largest no-kill animal rescue organizations in the United States. They partner with PetSmart Charities and PETCO to rescue and re-homes approximately 10,000 animals a year.

The event featured over 100 animals rescued from shelters in Texas during Hurricane Harvey. We’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a while, and we figured this would be a great opportunity as there were so many puppies needing a new home after the traumatic experience of the storm.

We spent his first few days playing with new toys and his cousin Roxy, and learning how to run (his legs are a bit too big for his britches!). He slept through the night and hasn’t even gone to the bathroom in the house once! His foster family did a great job of crate training him, which is extremely helpful.

What are your best training tips? Anything you wish you would have known when you got your pup?


– Kathlyn Ehl


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