DCRR National Capital 20 Mile Results

I got second place in my age group for the 20-miler!!

This admittedly wasn’t my greatest long run, and it was a small field. But it was a huge confidence booster, and a fun way to complete my long run for marathon training!


National Capital 20 Miler & 5 Miler

The race began at Carderock Recreation Area at 7:00am. It was honestly a bit difficult for me to get there, as I don’t have a car and there was no public transportation nearby. My uber driver was very nice and motivational. We passed a fox and he said, “that means good luck!”

Once I got there I stretched and went to the bathroom one last time, then we were off!


The trail was very flat and it was nice that I didn’t have to think about where to go, and what turns to make. I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy the out and back nature of the run, but it was kind of nice to tune out and just go.


It was a hot morning so I was glad for the generous amount of shade the course provided. My first 10 miles felt good, not my best but I felt solid. I started getting tired and bored between 13 and 17. Mile 17 was a long stretch between water breaks, and I was desperate for a chance to eat my favorite fuel  – Honey Stinger Waffles – with some nice cold water.

Once I passed the water station at about 17.5, I knew I was almost there and kicked it into gear. I was hurting, but knew that slowing down wouldn’t make it feel any better, and would in fact only delay the finish! I was proud of that realization and for the fact that I kept mentally strong.

The finish felt great, I was happy and proud of my effort. There were plenty of bananas, bagels, candy, water bottles, and even coconut water for all of us runners.

When they started doing age group results and I heard the third place time for my age group (20-29), I couldn’t believe my ears! I had a feeling that there weren’t many other women my age, but I didn’t know I would be in the top three – that’s never happened to me!! What an amazing feeling! I received a starbucks card for my efforts 🙂


What do you tell yourself when the going gets tough? What iss an accomplishment you’re proud of? Have you ever placed in a run you’ve competed in?

  • Kathlyn Ehl

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