8 Questions Powerful People Ask Themselves Every Day

8 Questions Powerful People Ask Themselves Every Day
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Powerful people, intelligent people, wise people, the most grounded people, all do one thing that most others don’t: They talk to themselves. They’re not crazy. In fact, they’re quite the opposite. Powerful individuals understand that nothing in their lives, themselves included, is stable continuously forever.

Things change. People change. The only way to stay atop of it all is to constantly talk to yourself, constantly ask yourself questions to understand not only what is going on, but who you have become and what you want. You have to ask yourself questions regularly, converse with yourself, if you want to lead a happy and healthy life.

All those individuals that can be truly dubbed powerful individuals ask themselves questions every day. Why? Because they need to in order to remember and in order to make adjustments to their goals and tactics when those answers change over time – which they always do. Here are eight questions you should all be asking yourselves:

1. Where is my focus for the day?

Most of us get up in the morning and do our best to delay the day at hand. We then crawl groggily out of our bedroom and go through the motions of getting ready and making it to work on time. Mornings, more often than not, are spent running through our routines, avoiding too much thinking because half our brain still wishes it was asleep.

Mornings are very important because they basically set the mood for the day. If you wobble around absentmindedly in the am, then you’re likely to continue the trend throughout the day. Get up in the morning and reassess yourself, your life and your focus and you will see a great improvement overtime.

The most successful and powerful individuals get up and remind themselves what their main focus is. Although we all have tons of tasks that need to be completed, there should be one overall focus for the day ahead of you.

2. What personal achievement do I want to achieve next?

Throughout our day, we run through a usually long list of things that we need to check off. And that’s great. But life isn’t all about working – it’s about doing and living, but not necessarily working.

What is it that you want to achieve next? Do you want to run a full marathon? Do you want to get your novel published? Maybe get incredibly fit? Achievements don’t only lie in the work that you do. They also lie in your life outside of work. Never stopping achieving and you’ll never stop living.

3. What habits can I avoid?

We all have bad habits. I often wonder why that is and I’ve narrowed it down two options: Either those bad habits feel incredibly good or the fact that they are bad makes us feel good – we know it’s bad, but we’re strong enough to handle it. Nevertheless, bad habits are bad habits and should therefore be avoided.

This, however, takes quite a bit of concentration. That’s why the most powerful people remind themselves that they have these poor habits and ask themselves regularly, which of those (if not all) they can avoid today. Avoid them for long enough and they no longer can be labeled as habits.

4. What mistakes should I have learned from?

We all make mistakes, but we don’t all learn from them. This is a huge problem because it leads us to make the same mistakes over and over again, with the same negative result. You can’t simply make mistakes, assume you’ve learned from them, and then move on. You have to remind yourself of those mistakes and remind yourself of the lessons you learned from them.

Don’t assume that because you’ve experienced the mishap and understand that it was a mistake that you’ve learned from it. Even if you did learn from them initially, without reminding yourself regularly, you’ll forget.

5. What new mistakes am I willing to make?

Mistakes are a part of the learning experience and therefore shouldn’t be avoided. But they shouldn’t be aimed for either. Powerful, intelligent individuals understand that mistakes are meant to be made.

They also understand that knowing what mistakes you are willing to make and what you are willing to risk will make your life a whole lot easier and less stressful. Mistakes don’t need to be surprises – they can and should be calculated risks.

6. How is my health level?

The more powerful and influential you are, the busier you tend to be. Constantly working leaves little time for anything else. Unfortunately, we can’t simply work and do nothing else because we have physical needs that need to be met. We need to find time to exercise. We need to find time to eat healthy.

We need to find time to sleep. These things cannot be avoided, but often are ignored or overlooked. If you’re a very busy individual then you’ll benefit from regularly checking in with yourself and examining your health level.

If you look and feel healthy, then you have nothing to worry about, but chances are, you could probably use an extra hour of sleep tonight, and a half-hour of cardio, or you could use to get a salad instead a sandwich. Stay on top of your health and your health won’t get in the way of your productivity and happiness.

7. Am I still on the right track?

Sometimes we get so entrenched in all that is going on in our lives that we lose sight of the road we were supposedly following. We get caught up with this or that and then find ourselves far from where we ought to be.

This is why you need to create checkpoints for yourself, based either on time or achievement, and make sure that you are still heading in the right direction. Life has a way of taking us up and throwing us off course. This is fine as long as we are smart enough to realize this and strong enough to push ourselves back on track.

8. Is my end goal still as important to me today as it was yesterday?

The hungrier you are for success, the more likely you are to ignore everything but your goals. However, it’s easy to get caught up with things and lose sight of what it is that we really want out of life. Many times our wants and preferences change. This should clearly affect our goals and aspirations, yet it doesn’t unless we come to conclude that our goals no longer line up with what we believe will make us happy.

Even worse is when we choose to ignore what we know because we’ve already spent so much time driving towards that one dream. As you live, you learn – you change – and therefore you must adjust. The most successful people aren’t always the happiest people, but then you can’t really call them successful, can you?

The truly successful manage to follow the dreams that will make them happy and then go and get them. If your perspective changes, then don’t be afraid to adjust your goals. Being stubborn and set in your ways always leads to misery.

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10 Empowering Phrases Every Woman Should Wear Proudly Across Her Forehead

10 Empowering Phrases Every Woman Should Wear Proudly Across Her Forehead | Elite Daily.

“There are certain words that every woman should embody. We should be known for carrying ourselves with our shoulders back, full of pride and confidence.

It’s easy to point out someone who is clearly not confident, who has his or her head pointed down, shoulders not straight and is constantly looking around as if paranoid about the surroundings.

Let’s revisit the short phrases and sentiments that every woman should wear proudly and embody.”

And, while you read, listen to this song I’ve been quite obsessed with lately:

Beyoncé – “JEALOUS” (Official Video) from Alexander Hammer on Vimeo.

1. Flawless: I woke up like this.

Beyoncé is is an inspiration for most women because she’s all in one. She’s beautiful, powerful, confident, radiant, independent and she owns everything she does. Ladies, believe in your flawless beauty and be comfortable in your skin.

Learn to love your body and appearance as much as you love your favorite junk food. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you’re flawless. Literally, say it to the mirror and watch your self-esteem skyrocket.

2. Respect.

As women, we all support different levels of self-respect. Some of us don’t have any at all and others don’t tolerate anything else but. Whether it’s respect that you have for yourself and your expectations and values or the respect that other human beings should have for you, remember who’s boss.

Set high standards for yourself and decide which people to let in, run over and wipe them out with your pride.

3. Miss Independent.

Everyone loves a self-sufficient, independent woman, right? Think of someone like this and how she may inspire you to have those same qualities. An independent woman has qualities that are self-made.

Learning to have this characteristic doesn’t come easily because it takes time to let yourself get used to the ways that are new. Strive to love yourself and those around you while still “doing you.” Do your own thing, follow your own dreams and don’t be dependent on other people — it’s sexy.

4. Don’t test me.

There are plenty of women who let men, peers, acquaintances and other random people run them over and get away with just about anything. Pushovers are completely miserable. So, figure out what gets under your skin most and then develop strategic ways in which you can approach the situation and the people in it with a powerful, yet positive, statement.

5. Classy.

Be classy, not trashy. You will see famous phrases all over the web, but it’s so true. There is nothing sexier than seeing a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, full of confidence, who walks like a rock star and is exceptionally classy. And when I say classy, I’m not referring to appearance, but how you carry your inner-self.  You never want to be the girl who everyone knows as the “trashy slut,” right? So, do yourself a favor: stay classy and glamorous.

6. Go-getter.

A “go-getter” is someone who is full of ambition, determination and motivation. This person is always has new things and creative ideas and wants to accomplish everything in a timely manner. Go after your dreams and what you want — it will all work out if you have this mindset.

7. Passionate.

This is so important in life and my number-one word. Be passionate about anything, everything, and anyone you love. Have a hobby, trend, dream and fantasy. Be passionate about it and get out to actually go do it!

Choose a career path that you are really passionate about and find something you truly love to do. It can be something not so big, but if it’s big to you, that’s all that really matters. If you love something enough to pour your heart, time, money and sweat into it, you’re hands-down passionate about it.

8. Confident.

Walking with your head high and not taking anything from anyone is not about being cocky and stuck up — it’s about confidence. Confidence means having the power to control your body language and owning it in a way that everyone notices.

9. Fearless.

Reach for the stars, dream huge and don’t be afraid to do something you have never done before. Chance are, you will regret it if you never experience it. So, do yourself a favor and overcome this fear of the unknown. Be totally fearless.

10. Power.

Whether you are powerful alone or you are considered to be a “power couple” with your significant other, it boils down to the way you embrace all of the above words. It’s a package deal because you’re tying all of the most important and admiring qualities of a person in one. Power is at the top of this pyramid.”