DCRR National Capital 20 Mile Results

I got second place in my age group for the 20-miler!! This admittedly wasn't my greatest long run, and it was a small field. But it was a huge confidence booster, and a fun way to complete my long run for marathon training! Recap: The race began at Carderock Recreation Area at 7:00am. It was honestly a … Continue reading DCRR National Capital 20 Mile Results


Happy Autumn!!

Welcome, Fall! I am excited for this season, because that means I'll catch more beautiful sunrises, walk among the colorful falling leaves, and get to wear my cozy sweaters. I also really enjoy the great local fall produce that can be found at the farmers markets around town. Brussels Sprouts and squash, I'm coming for … Continue reading Happy Autumn!!

Meet Harvey!!

This weekend we got a puppy!! Harvey is an adorable, playful, sweet, loving 13-week-old male Doberman/Hound mix. He has huge paws, and is expected to weigh about 50 pounds as an adult. We adopted him at an event put on by Last Chance Animal Rescue -  one of the largest no-kill animal rescue organizations in the United … Continue reading Meet Harvey!!

Namaste Day in DC

This is a special week for yogi's in DC! Metro DC Yoga Week & Yoga On The Mall   There are several $5 classes around the district throughout the week. Click through the  sponsoring studios to find a new class or attend your favorite! I personally love the Studio DC classes. They have several free options on Saturday the … Continue reading Namaste Day in DC

Running in Hot Weather

We're in the heat of the summer [literally]. Running in the heat can be difficult in so many ways, not to mention uncomfortable and unpleasant. Luckily I am usually a morning runner, but on these 90+ degree days with humidity, even a 6am run can be brutal. According to Strength Running, heat can wreak havoc … Continue reading Running in Hot Weather

Morning Run Views

Week 6, Day 1 of Marine Corps Training: 7 recovery miles, with lots of elevation. Went along a new route, exploring new areas of the city. Lots of elevation, but that made the slower pace more interesting. I like to take photos of fun things to remember each day and keep me present. Strength-training minion!! … Continue reading Morning Run Views

Quote of the Day

“It is a beautiful thing to discover that your body is capable of doing things that you once thought were impossible.” – Sammi Goldsmith, who started getting healthy after her father had a heart attack

Amerithon Challenge!!

I recently listened to a podcast featuring the founders of Run the Edge, a Boulder-based running company with the goal of helping people improve their fitness and well-being. They are leaders in virtual fitness challenges, which gather folks from wherever they are, encouraging them to finish a specific challenge in whichever way they can. Enter: … Continue reading Amerithon Challenge!!

8 Questions Powerful People Ask Themselves Every Day

via Elite Daily Powerful people, intelligent people, wise people, the most grounded people, all do one thing that most others don’t: They talk to themselves. They’re not crazy. In fact, they’re quite the opposite. Powerful individuals understand that nothing in their lives, themselves included, is stable continuously forever. Things change. People change. The only way … Continue reading 8 Questions Powerful People Ask Themselves Every Day

10 Empowering Phrases Every Woman Should Wear Proudly Across Her Forehead

10 Empowering Phrases Every Woman Should Wear Proudly Across Her Forehead | Elite Daily. "There are certain words that every woman should embody. We should be known for carrying ourselves with our shoulders back, full of pride and confidence. It’s easy to point out someone who is clearly not confident, who has his or her … Continue reading 10 Empowering Phrases Every Woman Should Wear Proudly Across Her Forehead

First Barre Experience!

 lululemon athletica Georgetown On Valentines day, Lululemon in Georgetown sponsored a complimentary barre/yoga class hosted this by Lava Barre. The class was intended to "use one's own body weight to isolate, lift, tone and lengthen" muscles. It was set to a fun soundtrack of music - and as a bonus guests even got to take … Continue reading First Barre Experience!

How Chipotle Changed American Fast Food Forever | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

THE PATH TO INNOVATION IS RARELY SMOOTH. LESSONS LEARNED WILL TAKE YOU OVER THE STUMBLING BLOCKS THAT SOME OF OUR MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES HAVE FACED ON THEIR JOURNEYS TO SUCCESS, AND WHAT THEY LEARNED ALONG THE WAY. "Chipotle restaurants don’t even have freezers. All of Chipotle’s ingredients are delivered fresh. After the company bought hundreds … Continue reading How Chipotle Changed American Fast Food Forever | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

9 Essential Questions About Ukraine, Answered

9 Essential Questions About Ukraine, Answered. Ukraine is quickly becoming the center of a geopolitical crisis that could be the biggest Europe has seen in the 21st century.  Here are some answers to your most basic questions about the conflict.

New York Bans Boozy Brunches

Ah, brunch. A favorite weekend past-time of mine. The restaurants in DC offer many different types of brunch in addition to a classic, traditional meal, such as bottomless food, bottomless drink, prix-fixe, and others. My go-to, favorite brunch deals come from the Richard Sandoval restaurants which include Masa 14, El Centro, and Zengo. Each offers … Continue reading New York Bans Boozy Brunches


Ben and Jerry's has always been one of my favorite brands. They recently reminded me why. From the LA Times: Ben & Jerry's is known for its unconventional ice cream flavors, but now it's attempting to reshape the way we eat the frozen treat. The Vermont-based brand has introduced four new flavors, and each one … Continue reading I. NEED. THIS

Elite Daily: Why Every Girl Should Strive To Be Like Claire Underwood From ‘House Of Cards’

Why Every Girl Should Strive To Be Like Claire Underwood From 'House Of Cards' House of Cards season two recently came out - and although I have not made it all the way through (it's intense!) I always find Claire's character fascinating. Living in DC, I see many driven, powerful, successful women accomplishing their goals … Continue reading Elite Daily: Why Every Girl Should Strive To Be Like Claire Underwood From ‘House Of Cards’